by awesome people

A picture of Lionel by Art from Jack of All Blades.

Another picture of Lionel by Susan Douglas from Tracy and Tristan

A picture of Antonio by Jason Torchia of There's A Civilization On My Fork.

A picture of Carnahan by Zack Honey.

A group picture of Carnahan, Antonio, and Lionel by an enigmatic fellow known only as Ink.

An awesome group shot and a short comic, both by G. L. Gillen of Squid Ninja.

A picture of Antonio by Mike Gill.

Lionel, looking debonair, by Psykotika.

Antonio, as drawn by Fiona Dann of NPC.

If you would like to send me fanart, send it to my e-mail address along with your name, attached file, and name of the website you'd like me to link to.

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